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This is Ar'Razaq Technical Services

We are pleased to introduce “AR’RAZAQ TECHNICAL SERVICES,’’ a registered company in Nigeria Committed to providing total 'Power Solutions' with quality service back-up to the customers. The company is involved in the procurement, installation, repair, and maintenance of a wide range of generator capacities from 12.5Kva to 2,000Kva. Also, we are involved in procurement and installation with the maintenance of Renewable Energy Products (Hybrid, On-Grid, and Off-Grid Solar System) from 500 Watts upward.
Our team of trained Technicians is well-positioned to provide cost-effective support service to the delight of our clients.
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Power Products

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Electrical Load Assessment of Building

Underloading and overloading is a key factor to consider 

Procurement of Industrial Generators

From 12.5kva to 2000kva


Complete installation package including plinth, cabling, automation, earthing system, exhaust extention, diesel supply and return to external tank, electrical accessories among other.

Regular Maintenance Of Generators

200 Hours Service|

600 Hours Service.

Overhauling Of Generators

Top Overhauling|

Complete Overhauling.

Renewable Energy Products

 Inverters| Solar Home Lighting System|  Solar Generators| Mini-Grid up to 105 KWH| Accessories.

Industrial Electrical Installation

Installation of Bakery Equipments|

Installation Of Meat Processing Plants.

Domestic Electrical Installation

Surface & Conduit House Wiring System|

Rural Electrification

 High Tension (H.T) Construction| Low Tension (L.T) Construction.


Frequently Asked Questions

Battery is 1 year. Solar Panel is 15 years Inverter is 1 year. Stabilizer is 1 year
Generators procured, installed and maintained by us is entitled to one year full manufacturers warranty or within 2,000 hours of operations
Within two hours after the report.
Yes, it is. You can download it through this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ar.razaq.app
1. Press the upper arrow out of the separate two once. The down one at two consecutive times. Check the displayed information on the screen. For other faults, press the arrow pointing down out of the 4 arrows. 2. Press the stop button (Red) once. 3. Press and hold the crossed alarm bell symbol and simultaneously looking at the screen until it displays, reset all events, cancel. 4. Press the down arrow out of the separate two. 5. By now, the fault light will be off. Then start the generator with the green button.
Within seven working days upon payment, a complete installation will be carried out.


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